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Fitness that fits around you

Whether you’re a busy working professional, a new or preschool mum, or both, you’ll know that the biggest barrier to reaching your fitness goals is time. Well, time and logistics.

“I simply can’t motivate myself to diet or lose weight. The day just disappears in a haze of nappies and feeding”.

“Schedule training with me. It will be fun and keep you motivated to meet your fitness goals.”

“I just can’t get to a gym anymore.”

“I can come to you, at a time that is convenient, so you don’t miss your you time!”

Specialist in training women at all levels of fitness including pre and post-natal, one of the great benefits that I offer is to plan your fitness around your life.

Searching for “personal trainer Weybridge”? Whether you prefer to train at home, in the garden or in the park, that’s absolutely fine. If you’re able to take a PT into a gym, that’s also great with me.

Because I can deliver results in any environment, and for any goal.

  • Home based personal training
  • Gym based personal training
  • Lunch times, evenings, weekends
  • Goal specific personal training
  • Prenatal personal training
  • Postnatal personal training
  • Body Conditioning
  • Performance and programme reviews
  • Nutrition and dietary planning
  • Bodystats
  • One off fitness consultation

You have the aspiration. I’ll give you the motivation.

If I’ve learnt anything from my experience in personal training, it’s that there’s so much more to it than people simply wanting to get fit. Tied up with our desire to improve our body shape is nutrition, taking a healthier approach to life and finding the psychological motivation. And this is the case whether training for a marathon or getting your fitness back after having a baby.

My approach to personal training is one of encouragement, understanding and motivation. This comes from understanding you. You may be highly motivated and need my skills in devising a fully effective workout and dietary plan that gets you to a specific goal. Or (like most people) your motivation may peak and trough, requiring a friendly face, ear at the end of the phone, additional guidance and support.

Ultimately, you’ll love my style of personal training. You’ll love it because my style will be built around you – your personality, your needs and my assessment of what will work for you.

Getting you there, one step at a time

I may have a supportive approach, but be under no illusion, I will make it my mission to get you there. Your goal will become my goal. Devising a fitness regime around your objective, I’ll be continually assessing, amending and varying your programme to literally keep you on your toes. If you need additional dietary and nutritional planning or advice I’ll provide it. But there will be nowhere to hide. Every six weeks I’ll measure your body stats. We’ll look to see proven improvements in your health indicators; weight, muscle mass, body fat, metabolic rate and measurements.

You’ll be stronger and fitter. Healthier and happier. Motivated and proud.

You may be looking for regular sessions a number of times a week, just once a week, for a fixed period to reach a fitness or sporting goal or an occasional one off review of your goals and activities. I’m happy to provide sessions in any combination or number that you require.

But whatever the number, I’m aware that these sessions represent valuable, rare, important you-time. And that’s why I can promise enjoyable fitness sessions that are effective in delivering results.

To get things moving, contact me now.

Who are you?

  • professional struggling to fit the fitness into your day
  • Not-so-fit or fit-as-a-fiddle, but have taken on a performance challenge such as a long distance run – and need motivation and technical help to get there
  • Mum-to-be or new mum looking to keep or get the fitness back
  • Stuck in a rut gym junkie looking for to spice up their programme and improve their results

Who am I?

  • Track record of clients achieving their goals from significant weight loss, to getting their fitness back after children
  • Passionate about helping people achieve their potential and live happier, healthier lives
  • Great lover of the outdoors and happy to deliver PT session in the park, in the garden, wherever suits you
  • Specialist knowledge in prenatal and postnatal, as well as skiing performance programmes
  • Knowledge and experience of diet and nutrition to complement training and fitness advice

Why you should give me your you-time

Whether it’s only for an hour, or it’s a few hours a week, this could be the most personally beneficial time that you spend. Let’s be honest, the rest of it’s about work, the children, family and friends.

But you-time with a personal trainer is an investment. In your health, wellbeing, energy levels and happiness. It’s a chance to be listened to. It’s an opportunity to push yourself. It’s a way to release stress and come out feeling great.

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