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Hello, I’m Daisy

A qualified personal trainer, I specialise in fat loss, muscle gain, pre and postnatal fitness, body conditioning and performance based goals.

I also have a strong background in nutrition and am able to supply comprehensive eating plans and guidance, that complements your fitness. Because I believe that these two things go together.

Also a qualified ski instructor, it’s fair to say that I love outdoor fitness, which is why creating a fitness programme around a mum, a buggy and a park, is a challenge that I relish.

I’m also a great believer in mixing things up, using a combination of techniques and strategies. I take my clients out of their comfort zone and push them to achieve their full potential using exercise styles they would never have considered before.

My biggest satisfaction simply comes from seeing clients achieving their goal. Gaining the right level of fitness for their skiing holiday. Losing weight and changing their body shape so their confidence can return. Generally experiencing the feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes from pushing our body past where we believe it can go.

I work around Weybridge, Esher, Cobham, Walton, Oxshott, Kingston, Surbiton and Epsom.

To get your fitness fitting around you, contact me now.